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!Nuclides is a graphical database containing information on 3000 plus known stable or radioactive isotopes of all known elements up to element 118, displayed on a Segre chart.

It displays information about the half-life, the decay modes, the decay products, branching fractions, nuclear spin and parity, and the relative abundance of each isotope. It will also display all the breakdown products (daughter products) of any chosen isotope using recursion to show the decay series. Highlighters showing all the possible source isotopes or s-process isotopes for any selected nuclide are included.

The Decay Simulator displays a time-history of the decay of the parent and accumulation of daughter products as well as a readout of Total Energy and Power Output on a user-selectable time-scale.

Data on atomic mass, branching ratios, relative mass regarding beta decay, inverse beta decay, alpha decay and spontaneous fission is displayed graphically for any chosen isotope.

A full nuclear physics tutorial is included with animated displays of relevant topics. Topics covered include isotopes, isotones, isobars, mirror nuclei, magic numbers, halflife, secular equilibrium, radio-carbon and radio-metric dating, alpha decay, beta decay, double beta decay, inverse beta decay, double inverse beta decay, electron capture, neutrinos, stellar nucleosynthesis, supernovae, Neutron Stars, spontaneous fission, induced fission, moderators, tunnelling, fusion, cold fusion, binding energy, electrons, photons, virtual particles, neutrons, protons, baryons, fermions, quarks, Universal matter excess, strange matter, Halo nuclei, Borromean Nuclei, neutron capture, s- and r-processes, isomeric transitions, nuclear spin, anti-matter, radiation, Oklo allobar, nuclear fallout, cosmogenic nuclides, Chernoble, statistics, and Rogers' Twisted Tri-Prism Ring Sub-Atomic Particle Theory.

The tutorial has simple animations to help the readers understanding of the subject.

!Nuclides has been highly praised by some members employed in the nuclear division of the Department of Trade for Industry.

Help Manual in HTML
A !Help Manual in fully cross-referenced HTML code is supplied with the program

Hardware Requirements
When ordered, !Nuclides is supplied as three separate versions.

* Iyonix version - fully 26/32 bit compatable. This version also works on a SA-RiscPC with ViewFinder card.

* XGA version for Acorn RiscPC or StrongARM RiscPC with 8MB RAM, 2MB VRAM and a monitor capable of displaying MODE 39 (mdf supplied) and MODE X1024 Y768 C16. RiscOS 3.7 and RiscOS 4 compliant.

* Reduced version for A5000 with 4MB RAM and monitor with MODEs 31 and 39 capability (mdf's supplied).

What the reviewers said:
"Nuclides is more specialised, and ideally suited to A Level or University. The value for money is incredible, and the level of detail breathtaking. At these prices, everyone should send their cheques to: Atomic Software and feel proud that we have some chemistry software that can leave other platforms standing!" John Woodthorpe

"Nuclides is well thought out and simple to use. It has an extensive help file which provides detailed explanations of the operation of the software and its use. Both of the packages contain an immense amount of information." Mike Enderby

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