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The Engineers HiFi Test CD is an audio CD containing precision computer-generated test signals specifically for the purpose of measuring the specifications of CD players and the entire audio chain. Suitable for the most demanding and exacting professional recording and broadcast engineers. Broadcast quality.

As used and recommended by LinDev, manufacturers of audio broadcast test instrumentation.

This HiFi Test CD is unlike all others currently available in that it was designed by professional audio engineers for professional audio engineers.

All the test signals have been recorded with a triangular pdf dither of 1 lsb peak amplitude, the most optimum dither for linearity enhancement and zero noise modulation. The CD contains test tones for noise measurement, headroom and linearity, crosstalk, intermodulation distortion measurements (using both TDF and IM methods), transient checks, plus spot frequencies at ISO standard third-octave increments and various frequency sweeps. All recorded to the most exacting specifications; the best possible in 16-bit digital audio!

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Track List of Hi-Fi Test CD

The Engineers' HiFi Test CD will be of immense use to the following categories of people:

* Audiophiles wishing to verify the musicality of their CD player or computer Sound Card.
* Audio HiFi Engineers / Test Engineers wishing to measure the specifications of CD players
* CD player manufacturers wishing to check the specifications of their products.
* Computer Sound Card Design Engineers wishing to measure or check the specification of their Audio Sound Sampling Cards (on any make of computer, PCs, Macs or Acorns etc.)
* Sound Engineers wishing to check the specifications of any audio equipment (such as pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, audio test equipment, distortion analysers, digital voltmeters, etc) [given the availability of a good CD player].
* Service Engineers servicing HiFi equipment, CD players and test equipment.

NOTE: Various items of test equipment will be needed in order to perform the audio tests.

The CD is an audio CD only; it does not require a computer of an sort in order to be played.

The Digital Signal Generator program described above was used to generate this precision CD.

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