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ELEMENTS is a graphical database containing the latest information in graphical form on all known elements and their isotopes up to element 118. This program complements the !Nuclides program.

Thus it contains information on the boiling points, melting points, liquid range, abundances (SAD, solar, human, oceanic, carbonaceous meteoritic, terrestrial, lithospheric, r-process, s-process, and crustal), oceanic residence times, number of known isotopes, number of stable isotopes, number of radioactive isotopes, electronegativity, polarizability, electron affinity, radius (atomic, covalent, van der Waals and ionic), first to tenth ionization energies, work function, electronic configuration, number of valences, highest valency, highest common valency, example compounds for all valences, valence shells, superconducting critical temperature and critical field, spectral emissivity, velocity of sound, magnetic susceptibility, Curie & Neel Temperatures, thermal conductivity, Debye Temperature, temp coeff of linear expansion, cohesive energy, latent heat of fusion, vaporisation, and atomization, entropy (gas), entropy (solid), specific heat, electrical resistivity, temp coeff of electrical resistivity, electrical conductivity, state (solid, liquid or gaseous), colour, classification (metallic, metalloid or non-metal), crystal form, crystalline concentration, crystalline density, crystalline nearest neighbour, crystal lattice parameters a, b, c, and ratio c/a, compressibility, bulk modulus, number of allotropes, metallic phases and transition temperatures, occurrence (naturally occurring, very rare, artificially created), biological use (poisonous or essential to plants or humans), incidence (native form or mineral ore), highest occupied orbitals, isotopic purity, geochemical classification, Mohs' hardness, year and place of discovery, flame coloration, borax bead colours, period number, group number and atomic weight and atomic number.

Hardware Requirements
XGA version for RiscPC with 8MB RAM, and a monitor capable of displaying MODE X 1024 Y 768 C 16.

Reduced version for Acorn A5000, etc with 4MB RAM, and a monitor capable of displaying MODE X 800 Y 600 C16 (MODE 31). RiscOS 3.7 and RiscOS 4 compliant.

What the reviewers said:
"Both packages contain an immense amount of data." Mike Enderby

"Suffice it to say that this isn't ordinary software - it is outstanding in its scope, detail and originality. If you, or any of the family, have any interest in chemistry, or you're a teacher looking for software for school, you should buy Elements straight away." John Woodthorpe

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