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Continui : A game of skill for two players

Continui is a game of skill played on a board for two players. Players take turns at placing 4-square coloured tiles coloured in up to 4 colours so as to form as long a continuous string of one, or more colours, as possible. The longer the continuous string of colour, the greater the score. You may chose to play either a human or a computer opponent. You can even watch as the computer battles against another computer opponent. The IQ of the computer opponent can be set either high or low, so that the skill of the human opponent may be more closely matched to that of the computer. Hints are available, again of either the high or low-IQ variety. To help the human opponent, a 'Score' key will count the score as if the tile had been placed in that position before you place it. A single-level 'undo' is available for human versus human matches only. Two choices of tile are available, the old original set and a brand new version enabling much longer and branched coloured strings to be obtained.

Hardware Requirements
Iyonix or Acorn A5000 or RiscPC or StrongARM RiscPC with 2MB RAM, and a monitor capable of displaying MODE 31 (800 by 600 in 16 colours). RiscOS 3.7, RiscOS 4 and RiscOS 5 compliant. 26/32 bit compatable

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