If the test signals available on the above CD do not meet your requirements, a custom CD can be made to your own specifications. Anything possible: amplitude, frequency or phase modulation, pseudo random sequences, sinusoidal, pulse, digital codes, frequency sweeps, warble tones. Virtually any waveform, amplitude and frequency imaginable up to 22.5kHz. Your own arbitrary waveform generator. Highly accurate. Amplitude adjustable in up to 0.001dB steps. Dynamic range up to 93dB. Negligible frequency drift. All your precision test signals on one CD - dispense with your multitude of signal generators, noise sources and waveform generators. Up to 99 tracks/signals on one CD.

Pupils, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Graduates or Researchers. Ideal for the school or college lab - all the correct signals at all the correct frequencies and levels and in the correct order for student experiments without the hassle and all the un-certainty of whether the students have set the multiplexity of control knobs and switches to the correct settings. Extremely cost effective. All you need is a CD player.

Teachers or Lecturers Ideal for demonstrations whereby all your signals are pre-recorded for your flawless execution of the perfect demonstration, nothing can go wrong!

Industrialists, Production Engineers, QC departments, Consultants or Technicians Perfect for production line adjustment, alignment, calibration, testing and quality assurance of all sorts of electronic instrumentation, both consumer electronics and specialist gear.

Please contact ATOMIC SOFTWARE with your specific requirements.

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