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This 3-D stereoscopic viewer is a stand alone program which enables complex 3-dimensional solids to be manipulated in real time before your very eyes enabling the visualisation and understanding of numerous shapes and their relationships to other shapes. Ideal for anyone interested in geometry, chemistry, crystallography, geodesic structures or 3D-stereo.

In !Nuclides and !Elements reference is made to many three dimensional shapes and geodesic structures which include the 14 Bravais lattice, crystalline forms, co-ordination bond conformations, the nuclear shell structure, cluster molecules including dodecane, cubane, tetrahedrane, octahedrane, graphite, diamond lattice, and Buckminster Fullerene as well as the numerous icosahedral shapes of boranes, electron orbit hybridisations, Archimedean and Platonic solids, and the relationship of Duals. It would be almost impossible to include a 3-D stereoscopic viewer for these structures within Elements or Nuclides themselves, so a separate program has been developed which enables these structures (and many, many more) to be studied in glorious 3-D stereo using special glasses. The shapes can be rotated, or brought from a position behind the screen to close up before your very eyes to enable these complex shapes to be clearly visualised from all angles.

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The package includes a pair of 3-D stereoscopic glasses.

Hardware Requirements
Iyonix or Acorn A5000 or RiscPC or StrongARM RiscPC with 4MB RAM, and a monitor capable of displaying MODE 20 (640 by 512 in 16 colours). RiscOS 3.7, RiscOS 4 and RiscOS 5 compliant. 26/32 bit compatable.

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An octahedron within a cube - duals
Red/Blue 3D Viewing glasses required for viewing demo
Eclipse viewing glasses not suitable!
The animations are a lot larger and smoother in the real program '3D-Stereo'

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