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!Digital Signal Generator£27.95
All the above on one CD£39 (saving £42)
Engineers' HiFi Test CD£14.95
Nuclide Book£34.95
Nuclides on HTML£9.95
AcoustiCAL CD£79.95
Custom CDs £Ask for Quote

Many of the programs presented here have been critically acclaimed by science masters of high schools, grammar schools and various colleges of further education. !Nuclides has been highly praised by some members employed in the nuclear division of the Department of Trade for Industry.

These products are only available directly from the author anf all run directly on computers running Risc OS.
The 'Engineers' HiFi Test CD', and the 'AcoustiCAL CD' are both audio CD's, and will play on any HiFi CD player. To order your copy of the most recently updated current versions, please send a cheque, prices as above, made out to the author, Roger W. Darlington, at the address below:

ALL programs have been tested on a Virtual Acorn VRPC-SE running on a PC, and no problems whatsoever were found despite extensive testing. They all work fine (you do need to run the SA-RPC version of !DigSigGen however, as the VA-RPC-SE does not have 50MB free!!). The Iyonix version can be run on the Virtual Acorn in the case of all the other programs

You do not need to specify which Risc OS computer you will be using, all versions are supplied when any one program is ordered. But if you intend to run it on a Windows PC, you will need the Virtual Acorn VA-RPC-SE RiscOS emulator from Virtual Acorn.

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Please make cheques payable to: R. W. Darlington
Email: rogerarm@freeuk.com

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